What are the benefits of aluminium windows?

Wednesday, 11 October 2023

Choosing the right material for your window installation can hugely impact the way your home looks and performs. Windows are an integral part of a home, changing the appearance as well as affecting security and thermal efficiency.

Aluminium windows are a popular installation for modern homes as it’s one of the strongest materials available in the market. They are a little bit more costly than alternatives but come with a host of practicality benefits.

Enhanced Levels Of Strength

One of the key benefits of aluminium windows is their inherent strength. Whilst many window materials and hard wearing, aluminium is one of the strongest which makes them ideal for larger window designs.

Aluminium windows can be designed and fabricated with slim sightlines which can handle large panes of glass, with the need for mullions. Create expansive windows and brighten up any room in your property.

Aluminium windows are also ideal if you want triple glazing. The extra pane of glazing can be heavy for some profiles, and shorten the life, but our aluminium profiles can handle it.

Durable Investment

As well as being inherently strong, aluminium windows are a robust and durable installation. Every profile is powder coated to ensure it is resistant to corrosion and will be able to withstand the elements.

Unlike timber profiles, our aluminium windows will not become compromised in adverse weather conditions. They can resist moisture, which means they won’t rot, warp or crack. Unlike steel windows, aluminium installations won’t weaken over time or in cold conditions.

Our aluminium windows are available in a broad array of colours, all of which are long lasting. The colour will not fade in direct sunlight, holding their hue for many years to come.

Low Maintenance Installation

Due to their inherent durability, aluminium windows are incredibly low maintenance. They will not need much time, money or energy to stay looking as good as new. These installations will handle whatever life throws at them, without needing your upkeep.

The colour will stay looking fresh for many years of wear and tear, and won’t need repainting, staining or oiling. The shade will be imbued into the framework, meaning cleaning them won’t affect the paintwork negatively.

Simply wipe these windows down with a damp cloth every now and then to keep them looking as good as the day fitted.

Fantastic Levels Of Insulation

Aluminium windows used to have a negative reputation for not being thermally efficient. Our modern aluminium windows have rectified these issues by being fitted with a thermal break. A thermal break acts like an insulator, stopping heat from escaping and cold air from getting inside.

An aluminium window will help improve the thermal efficiency of any space in a home. They easily meet can surpass UK building regulations, helping create a cost efficient and sustainable property. They are double glazed as standard, helping your home better retain heat in the cold winter months.

A better insulated home could cost less to run as you will rely less on your central heating. A better highly property will always become quieter as double or triple glazing offers acoustic insulation. Minimise noise and create a private and peaceful space to work, relax or socialise.

Environmentally Friendly

We understand that sustainability is key to a homeowner. Aluminium profiles are an unbeatable option if you want to create an environmentally friendly property. The inherent strength of aluminium means fewer slimmer frames are used, which requires less manufacturing.

Their long lasting durability ensures that our aluminium windows will not need to be replaced so often. Once they reach the end of their long life, they won’t end their life in landfill. Aluminium can be recycled almost indefinitely and as little as 5% of the energy needed to manufacture it is needed to recycle it.

In fact, 75% of aluminium that is currently in use in the world today has already been recycled. This material can be recycled multiple times without losing its structural integrity.

As these double or triple glazed windows are energy efficient, reducing the need to use your central heating and lowering your carbon footprint too. Create a sustainable home without compromising on comfort.

Aluminium Window Prices

If your aluminium windows sound like the right installation for you, get a bespoke price today or get in touch for more information. Our aluminium windows are affordably priced and tailored to your specifications.

Use our online quoting engine to get a price tailored to your home improvement project today. Simply input your measurements and this free tool will be able to generate a price tailored to your specifications.

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