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Limitless design

Ultimate design flexibility

Choose from four distinct roofs and complement them with walls, windows, and doors of virtually any design to create your ideal hup!.

Five Times Faster To Build

Five times faster to build

The rapid connection technology of hup! allows your new hup! to be constructed five times faster than traditional building methods and materials.

Five Times More Energy Efficient

Five times more energy efficient

Owing to its exceptional energy efficiency and Zero waste production your hup! Is good for the environment and for your wallet.

High quality finish

High quality finish

High tech manufacturing and well trained installers create a circle of quality for a perfect hup! every time.

One Supplier, One Project

One supplier, one project

One team will manage the construction of your hup! from start to finish to reduce security concerns and simplify the build schedule. So you can spend less time living on a building site and having strangers in your home.

60% More Carbon Efficient

60% More Carbon Efficient

If you seek an eco-friendly method to expand your home, look no further than hup! This innovative solution is 60% more carbon efficient than traditional brick walls, with no waste during production hup! offers a sustainable way to build. hup! boasts minimal on-site water usage, contrasting to the 2 litres per brick typically required in building methods. Manufactured in the UK, the hup! factory has earned the ISO 14001 accreditation for its dedication to reducing environmental impact.

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hup! technology explained

The level of technology of the hup! system is unmatched by any other product on the market. Learn more about hup!, which offers five times the energy efficiency of the average UK home and a construction speed that is five times faster than conventional methods.

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hup! Conservatory transformations

Turn your old conservatory into a stunning, contemporary extension with hup!.

hup! Extensions

With hup! you can construct your dream home extension in a straightforward and quick manner - five times faster than conventional construction!

hup! Conservatories

Insulated hup! wall panels ensure that the temperature in your hup! conservatory stays consistent all year long.

hup! Garden homes

If you need a separate place for guests or family members to stay, a hup! garden home that meets Building Regulations could be the answer.

Ultimate Design Flexibility

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