Ultraroof380 Installation in Henstridge in Somerset

Tuesday, 11 June 2024

We were thrilled to deliver stunning results for the recent conservatory project we finished. At Bill Butters Windows, we offer high quality conservatory replacement roofs by Ultraframe.

One of our customers chose to combine Painswick Flush Sash Windows with French Doors in their new Ultraroof 380 conservatory.

The installation resulted in not only a stunning kerb appeal but also great thermal efficiency and security benefits.

  1. Ultraroof380 has a thermally efficient design that traps warm air where it is most needed during those colder autumn and winter months while preventing your room from overheating during summer when the sun is at its absolute peak.
  2. The hybrid design of this beautiful conservatory roof allows the inclusion of numerous glass panels or Velux Windows.
  3. Its lightweight design helps it overcome the challenges that planning approval and building regulations frequently provide.

The "380" in Ultraroof380 refers to the box beam, which is its most significant component. The box beams are 380 mm wide and run around the perimeter of the roof, at the window frames and walls, providing the Ultraroof 380 with such strength that it never requires tie rods.

Without any worries, UltraRoof380 is JHAI approved, so you'll be able to instruct your Ultra installers to proceed with peace of mind.

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