The ultimate guide to an energy efficient home in 2024

Friday, 15 December 2023

When you are looking for home improvement solutions, whilst appearance is a crucial factor, it is essential to remember the practical aspects, too. One of the most important factors is energy efficiency. An energy efficient home is not only beneficial to you but also to the environment, by reducing your energy usage you will reduce your carbon footprint. Do your bit for the environment as well as your bank account by creating a more energy efficient home. Bill Butters provides a number of energy saving solutions that can improve the energy efficiency of your home. This guide will help you understand how to create an energy efficient home in 2024 and inform you of some of the mistakes most homeowners make.

The importance of energy efficiency

With rising energy costs, it is a clever decision to find ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home. If you have underperforming, outdated or damaged windows and doors, you could be losing a lot of money from them as it costs a lot more to run a home with them. When you upgrade to thermally efficient windows and doors, you can save yourself money on your energy bills as well as create a more comfortable living space.

Understanding energy efficient terminology

Once you finally make a step to creating an energy efficient home, it can be overwhelming to see all the different terminology and specifications. At Bill Butters, we want our customers to make informed decisions and not feel confused; that is why we try to make our home improvement solutions as simple as possible.

What are U-values?

A common term used when describing how energy efficient a product is is U-values. You will commonly see it in terms of an equation like this: W/(m2⋅K). U-values look at how much heat can transfer through a material and how good a material is at conducting heat. The lower the U-value, the better it is at reducing heat transfer and the higher the thermal efficiency. Low U-values mean that the cold remains outside, and the warmth you produce stays inside your home for a cosy and comfortable space all year round.

What do energy ratings mean?

Another term you see is energy ratings; these are essentially a rating from A to G on how much energy a product uses, A being the lowest energy usage. When choosing a home improvement solution you want to look for one that scores well in energy ratings to ensure you're getting the most energy efficient product.

We have an energy calculator that is simple to use, which helps you see how much you can save by upgrading to our energy efficient home improvement solutions.

Install double glazing

Double glazing combines two thick panels of glass that trap argon gas air bubbles in between to slow down heat transfer and works as a natural insulator. This works as argon gas prevents conduction from happening, which keeps the warmth you produce inside your home and the cold air outside, creating a warm and cosy space that you can enjoy all year round, no matter the weather. For ultimate thermal comfort, you should choose the thickest double glazing possible, as the high quality thick glazing also does its part to slow down heat transfer; the combination of both works for maximum energy efficiency.

With the installation of double glazing you will benefit from the reduction in your energy costs; this is because you will be less reliant on your central heating as double glazing creates regulated temperatures. At Bill Butters, we offer a number of double glazing solutions across Dorset and the surrounding areas.

Airtightness and waterproofing

If your windows or doors are fitted incorrectly, you can experience leaks and draughts that can cause mould or rotting, which isn't ideal. Our expert installers will fit your windows, doors and conservatory roofs tightly and professionally. Your home improvement solutions are created bespoke to your home so that they are made to measure, ensuring no gaps, and made from premium grade materials, so you won't have to worry about leaks, draughts, or mould.

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Energy efficient home experts

With decades of experience in the home improvement industry, we are your local experts. If you are looking to make a more energy efficient home, then get in contact with us. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you find the right home improvement solution for you and your home. See how much you can save on your energy bills by checking out our energy calculator.