Learn More About Deceuninck’s New Flush Casement Window

Friday, 17 November 2023

Here at Bill Butters, we are supplying a new product, the Decalu88 Flush Casement window by Deceuninck.The new Decalu88 window is a symbol of innovation where aesthetics and performance work seamlessly to enhance both the visual appeal and energy efficiency of spaces. This brings the next generation of aluminium window designs, with cutting edge advanced window performance and a variety of stunning designs to perfectly suit your home.

Developed over more than 18 dedicated months by Deceuninck, the Decalu88 Flush Casement aluminium window defines a new benchmark for thermal performance. It brings technical performance to your home and enhances the visual appearance of your home. Deceuninck new windows may be just what your home needs!

Key Features of the New Flush Casement Window

Many features of the Decalu88 flush casement window enable the benefits when installed into your home.

Energy Efficiency Windows with low U-Values

The product comes with a patented thermal break, meaning energy efficiency is at an all time high and achieves 0.8w/m2k for triple-glazed configurations and 1.0w/m2k for double-glazed options You can give your visitors a warm welcome all year round, as our product exceeds the standard for building regulations and will continue to do so for many years.

Highly Secure PAS 24 Certified

The flush casement window is fully tested to PAS 24, so you can be sure security levels are to a high standard. A concealed locking mechanism is implemented into the windows and delivers a high performance. Security is a high priority here!

Sustainable Window Profiles

Decalu88 flush casement windows are designed to be sustainable, keeping your home warm and lowering your carbon footprint. Deceuninck Aluminium has produced windows that are recyclable and ultra energy efficient, aiming to lower carbon emissions by 60% by 2030. We want our customers at Bill Butters to experience the benefits of this.

Slim & Minimalist Design

Harnessing slim aluminium systems measuring a mere 88mm, these windows create a minimalistic and contemporary aesthetic characterised by sleek sightlines that seamlessly merge with architectural designs.

Bespoke Hardware Options

To add style and customisation to our Decalu88 flush casement window, the appearance is down to you. We offer configuration options for how you want your window arrangement to appear. Hardware options are also available ranging from Black, Satin Chrome, Polished Chrome, Smokey Chrome, Gold and White. Choose the correct design to add style to your home.

Decalu88 Window Options

We supply different options for the Decelu88 window that hold different features.

The Decalu88 Standard Window

A completely flat exterior, flexible option with a wide range of applications with an 88mm thermally efficient system.

Decalu88 New Steel

A high end architectural aesthetic for modern statement installations. An industrial aesthetic of high end appearance with an 88mm thermally efficient system.

Decalu88 Hidden

A minimalist approach to windows, with an 88mm thermally efficient system. Designed to maximise light, the opening window sash is hidden behind the frame.

Decalu94 Retro

Sculptured detailing with flexibility to design, drawing on a more traditional take of windows. An 88mm thermally efficient system.

Decalu101 Scand

The 160 degree pivoting window with a 101mm thermally efficient system, creates easy maintenance and suitable access for all installations.

Decalu110 Steel

Taken from inspiration from the industrial appearance, contemporary statement builds are great for these windows, giving 110mm thermally efficient systems.

Find Out Prices For The New Flush Casement Windows

At Bill Butters, we manufacture, supply and install quality products to homeowners throughout Dorset. If you are looking for new, high performing windows, Deceunincks new flush casement windows are the next generation of window technology. The outstanding values and features these have can transform the thermal efficiency, safety and appearance of your home.

Request a free quote today and find out more about the options available by using our online quoting system.