Creative Ways To Use A Conservatory

Thursday, 18 January 2024

If you are looking to expand your home and create a home that you can make the most of, or if you already have a conservatory and want to utilise your space as best as possible, then we have come up with different ways that you can make the most of your conservatory. Conservatories give you more space to enjoy the things that you love, and they don't need to be used in the typical way you may associate with them; the choices are endless.


Entertaining Room

One of the most popular ways homeowners use conservatories is as a dining room, giving you more kitchen space. You can create a space to sit, relax, and enjoy your meals. However, a space like this is also great for entertaining guests; transform the space into an entertaining room by adding a bar area or a wine fridge to enjoy with your friends and family. The last thing you want is a consistent issue with heating or cooling your space to maintain a regular temperature; with our highly insulated conservatory roofs, you can continue to dine or party with your loved ones without the worry of unregulated temperatures.

Home Office

With working from home becoming more and more popular, conservatories are a great space to separate work from home life. Create a space where you can focus without distractions, and add doors to cut off the space to make it a proper room.

Guest room

Conservatories are an extremely versatile space; they allow you to add an extra room to your home. For example, you can add a sofa bed to make your space versatile and transform your space from a cosy living room in the day and a guest room in the nighttime. Made from highly energy efficient materials, gone are the days of freezing cold winters and boiling summers. With our innovative conservatories, you can enjoy your space all year round with consistent and regulated temperatures. Your conservatory can feel like it's always been part of your home. It is ideal for a cosy guest room so you can host your family at Christmas. Add more brickwork for added privacy to create a true extension like space; alternatively, add a glass roof so you can make the most of your garden views and add sunlight.


Another creative way to utilise the extra space that a conservatory provides is adding a utility room and storing your wash and dryer to allow added space in the rest of your home. The high levels of sun that conservatories provide allow your clothes to dry quickly and easily.

Reading and relaxing room

Take advantage of the copious sunlight and enjoy a space where you can take in your garden views or cosy up in a nook with cushions and a comfy sofa or armchair and a nice book. Escape from the real world and encapsulate yourself in your book.


Create a space that your kids can enjoy; a conservatory is a great place to store all their toys, books and activities so you can keep the rest of your house clutter-free whilst the kids have ample space to make the most of it.

Kitchen extension

As the kitchen is the hub of your home, expanding this space is a great way to transform your home and increase its curb appeal. Kitchen extensions are extremely popular investments. However, they are costly and can cause a significant disturbance to your home, whereas conservatories are a straightforward installation with minimal disruption. You can expand your kitchen space quickly, making the most of the space and giving you more room for appliances.

How to choose the right conservatory for you?

At Bill Butters, we offer a wide range of conservatory options to choose from to suit your home. Choose from our different conservatory roofs, including ultra sky roof, living roof, ultra roof, lantern roof and flat sky roof; we offer a variety of customisable features, including colours and finishes, to create an entirely bespoke space. Use our conservatory designer tool to build your dream conservatory.

If you are interested in our conservatories, please get in touch with us for more information, and we can discuss your project in more detail. Use our online quoting engine to receive an estimated price based on your measurements.