Introducing The New Solidor Colours

Wednesday, 7 February 2024

Bill Butters is proud to work with market leading brand Solidor. Solidor is one of the UK's leading composite door designers, engineers and manufacturers. Solidor provides some of the most durable and energy efficient composite doors on the market, they are known for their constant innovation, and have again proven to be constantly evolving as they have just launched three new colours to kick start 2024.

This exciting new launch of three new colours sees the introduction of Pottery Blue, Pebble Grey, and Granite Grey, which will add a stylish and elegant touch to your home.

If you have yet to see that, Solidor also recently introduced four more colours in 2023. With the latest colours, this brings the range to 27 colours, giving you complete control over the colour of your door so you can create an addition to your home that seamlessly matches the appearance and character of your home. Find out more about the latest colours in the range by reading on.

The 2024 Colour Releases

Pottery Blue

The Pottery blue colour adds a timeless touch to your home. Made popular by the Bridgerton family in the famous Netflix series, the colour provides grey-blue tones familiar in Wedgwood ceramics. This door shade is subtle yet luxurious; it combines both a neutral and brighter tone. Pottery blue is a calming colour that creates a welcoming and comfortable environment, creating an oasis of elegance and sophistication when you enter your home.

Pebble Grey

Pebble grey is a highly requested shade from Solidor customers, and we are sure our customers at Bill Butters will fall in love with this new shade. This shade is a warm taupe colour that blends the warmth of brown with the contemporary colours of grey to match many kinds of home styles. If you have a grey tones exterior, which is highly in trend at the moment, then this door shade will harmoniously match the modern and trendy grey tones.

Granite Grey

The last of the three colours introduced at the beginning of 2024 is granite grey, which is a mid-tone grey that adds a modern touch to your home. There is a reason why grey is so popular: it matches so many styles of homes, from modern contemporary to classic traditional homes. If you find Anthracite grey too dark or intense, then Granite Grey is perfect, making an addition to your home that will stay in style. Use our door designer to play around with the different colours to transform the entrance of your home.

Composite Doors

Composite doors combine style and functionality to provide some of the best front doors on the market. Upgrade the curb appeal of your home with these stylish yet timeless doors. Composite doors combine both a solid wooden timber core with a plastic protective outer coating; this gives the classic look of a wooden door with innovative weatherproofing materials to keep your doors in top condition for many years to come. When selecting your door colour, you can choose a different colour for the interior and exterior of your door to match the character of both your living area and the outside area. Whether you are looking for a bold statement or a neutral addition, there are options for all kinds of styles.

All you need to decide is what colour to choose!

The 2023 Colour Releases

In 2023, Solidor released four exciting new premium colours to the collection: Truffle Brown, Pistachio, Forest Green and Buttercup. This range of colours adds earthy tones that bring nature and outdoor aesthetics to your home.

Truffle Brown

The first of the colours released in 2023 is the Truffle Brown shade. If you have a traditional home, then this Truffle Brown colour is for you. Truffle Brown is a neutral beige brown colour that is classic and timeless.


The next in the colour range is Pistachio green; if you are looking to make a statement, then this is the colour. Pistachio green is a mid green that adds a clean and bright tone to the home.

Forest Green

Forest green is perfect for customers who want to make a bold statement but less bold than the Pistachio colour. Forest green is a neutral dark khaki green that brings natural tones to your home.


Buttercup shade is a yellow shade that will bring brightness and a positive atmosphere to your home, just like a buttercup.

Solidor Door Designer

If you are still determining what shade works best for your home or your door style, use our Solidor door designer to play around with the vast range of shades and door designs to create different combinations and design your dream front door. These new colours are now available on the door designer, so take a look for yourself. With many options available, we are sure you will find the right design for you and your home. Whether you have a classic period house or a modern new build home, the choices are endless.

Finding the right colour for your home

If you are looking for a new front door, then Bill Butters is here to help. We offer a wide range of home improvement solutions; contact us now to discuss how we can transform your home.